Murray’s Personal XJC Jag is For Sale – SORRY ITS SOLD

Hi        SOLD – SOLD – SOLD

My XJC is for sale, This is a privately imported 1978 XJC that was obviously brought into the country VERY early in its life based solely on the fact this is NOT a typically rusty car.   This is a very late (one of the last ones built bearing   2J-3539 BW   4 digit body number) original RHD 6 Cyl auto car and still wears ALL of it original features such as Greensand paintwork,(resprayed over 10 years ago) beige cloth interior and steel chrome wheels AND its a matching numbered car !!! including the automatic transmission…..Seriously

     Nothing has been bastardized and has obviously been looked after all its life.  I am privy to information that the previous owner owned it for 20 years, drove it rarely per year and has been paying the registration and insurance for all that time, the owner before him was very much the same for its 10 year period with him…I have bought it late in 2014 to add to my collection but regretfully things have changed rapidly for me so it has to go.    It is currently registered in QLD and will be supplied with a current QLD safety certificate.   It is really as tight as a drum and as honest underneath as what it appears above.
     The (original) 5 digit MPH speedo suggests its only done 81000 miles and I am of the belief based on previous owner knowledge and its overall condition that this could is very very probable.  I feel I’m not even sticking my neck out here when I say this coupe has NO rust.        I have noted however the cylinder head HAS been off and has been machined and cam follower guides have been pinned.    I have removed / swapped the original ‘HIF’ carbies and AED unit with a pair of HS8 (Australian market) SU carburetors and a manual choke system.   This car didn’t have Air Cond from the factory but one of these owners has obviously employed a professional to fit a system, very tidy indeed, see the photo’s
     Now as a bonus and enticement I am in a position to offer a fully rebuilt engine (this original engine) if this one fails you in the first 6 months of your ownership, (we will have the appropriate paperwork drawn up)  that’s right a $8000 plus freebie if it fails you in the first six months.    This is a private sale and no GST is involved.   I am not about to give this car away and it will be advertised all over the world to get what I think its worth.    This ebay add your reading is the first time this car has been listed for sale for over 30 years.   This is a genuine sale, its a genuine car and I am a genuine seller.
     I am still hunting down as much information on this car as possible so if you have any questions at all please ask, if I know the answers you will be most welcome to them.
The asking price for this collectable piece of classic British memorabilia is $22000  , offers and “Jaguar” trade ins considered.
Many thanks for looking, I look forward to your contact
Murray      Peninsula Jag  Sth east Qld   check the www.
Freight can be arranged easy,,,anywhere in the country

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