3.8 Short Engine For Sale

PJ 3.4 3.8 shorts 011


What your looking at is another offering, A fully reconditioned 3.8 Jaguar short motor assembly, this one will fit any  Mk2, S type, Mk9 or 10 or Series one E Type so if you have any of these there will be NO issues this one will suit you.  This one has the rear main seal keeper with Graphite impregnated wicks so NO LEAKS ! I guarantee it.  The appropriate sump will be fitted at the time of sale.
  This one has been bored  + .020 and quality english “County” 8:1 pistons are fitted. crank grind, bearings, chains, tensioner, oil pump and end float thrust washers are all fitted. This also has a teflon front crank seal.
  A change over unit is a must BUT a straight out purchase can be done but a ‘no change over’ penalty applies…(add $950)
   Freight….No problem, anywhere in the country within the week, please offer a postcode and I’ll quote it to the dollar.
   Warranty……Our warranty is 25/25  25 Months or 25ooo km’s (some basic conditions apply)
Price $5000.00/……….SOLD !
GST….Yep its included in the sale !
I have created a ‘FAQ document’ so email me and we’ll shoot it off to you.

Peninsula Jag