3.4 Short Engine For Sale

pj mckenzie Mk2 026 


 A fully reconditioned 3.4 Jaguar short motor assembly, this one will fit any Mk1, Mk2, S type, Mk7 or 8  so if you have any of these there will be NO issues this one will suit you.  This one has the rear main seal keeper with Graphite impregnated wicks so NO LEAKS ! I guarantee it.  The appropriate sump will be fitted at the time of sale.
  This one has been bored  + .020 and quality english “County” 8:1 pistons are fitted. crank grind, bearings, chains, tensioner, oil pump and end float thrust washers are all fitted. This also has a teflon front crank seal.
  A change over unit is a must BUT a straight out purchase can be done but a ‘no change over’ penalty applies…(add $750)
   Freight….No problem, anywhere in the country within the week, please offer a postcode and I’ll quote it to the dollar.
   Warranty……Our warranty is 25/25  25 Months or 25ooo km’s (some basic conditions apply)
Price $5000.00 ………… SOLD !
GST….Yep its included in the sale !
I have created a ‘FAQ document’ so email me and we’ll shoot it off to you.     

Peninsula Jag