4.2 Long Engine For Sale


SOLD but another one coming soon (November 2016), so register your interest via email or just call Murray.


What your looking at is our latest reconditioned JAGUAR 4.2 engine, We at Peninsula Jag pride ourselves in the overhaul /reconditioning of JAGUAR and DAIMLER engines and this one is no different to the rest we do and supply all over the country.

This 4.2 unit will fit ANY Series one, Series two or Series three XJ6 car from 1968 to the latest S3 in the late 80’s. It has had the standard practice of fitting new stepped liners, 8:1 pistons in this case, crank grind, bearings, timing chains, oil pump, stainless steel head stud set, brass welsh plugs, new cam cover nuts and washers and a New Head nut set etc etc….This one has a Series three (Large inlet valve) head on it.    As a footnote you will see that ALL cam follower guides have been pinned simply as a standard precaution.

In order to put your mind at rest we now fire every motor up before its carefully wrapped and strapped to a pallet for delivery so now we are sure it has great oil pressure and a quiet cylinder head so bid now or buy it now with confidence knowing that the day you put it in will be the first of many many miles you will share with it.

Warranty offered is also Standard with us, 25 months or 25ooo km,  Requirements are….

  • Oil change after the first 1500 km
  • And every 5000km after that and records are kept.
  • A speedo reading is offered (and it works)
  • PENRITE HPR 30 oil is the only oil used…

You will get an accompanying document with the sale giving simple, plain straight forward instructions for you or your mechanic to use for the refit and fire up….

An acceptable / reconditionable change over unit is a must but a straight out purchase is also an option but there is a penalty here, please inquire.     If you have the time we will accept and dismantle your engine to satisfy ourselves its ok as the “change over unit”

When you check out the website you will see we are happy to fit it, tune it and double check it before you cruise off into the distance but obviously this will be an extra charge so please inquire for facts and figures                Note: Your vehicle pick up and or delivery is also NOT A PROBLEM anywhere in the country…. Freight it to me, we will make it right, fly down and drive it home……Too EASY !!

The inlet and exhaust manifolds you see in the photo’s, the distributor and water pump, starter motor and bell housing are all MY test equipment so these items are NOT with the sale.    You will get a bare “long motor” with the oil filter housing attached….Eg: Cam covers, head, block and sump plus the oil filter housing.

Price $6900.00

FREIGHT…..Absolutely ANYWHERE in the country on a pallet covered and insured, freight is also is extra but I’m sure you will be surprised at how cheap it is, please quote me a postcode and I’ll quote that ‘to the dollar’

This unit is ready RIGHT NOW !!!   Its been a while since I have had one “on the shelf” ready to go so don’t hesitate you could have it within the week..  

We do look forward to your contact or order… Regards Murray Scoble: Prop


 This engine you see could be supplied as a short engine too if you like, perhaps you just want a head, call me ! we will try to oblidge .

Peninsula Jag