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Prices, The Facts and Figures

      There are in fact some basic prices we use, you can use these as a guide line to what you might be up for.    I’m sure you would understand there will NOT be two motors the same so prices do vary.      For the most part there is a bit of ‘swings and slides’  some need it all and others don’t, some need more of something and others need less.     Our procedure is simple, once its here, we strip it, appraise it, measure it and get all this information onto a spreadsheet and all individually listed so we can both see all that’s required so everybody is on the same page from day one..There is never any OOPS, sorry about that or “Bill Shock” at the end..

All figures used below are current as at APRIL 2019 and INCLUDES G.S.T and we are using YOUR motor for the rebuild OR it is acceptable as the “change over” unit.   A donor motor can be supplied (for a straight out purchase) in most cases but a penalty applies.

…..All my engines are supplied with a very detailed invoice and a catalog of photo’s of the build process on CD and a warranty period of 25/25……  25mths or 25000km’s.

*all early (pre XJ) 6 cylinder engines.   We are finding these motors are all suffering what we all suffer from…OLD AGE ! the 2.4 / 3.4 / 2.8xj and 3.8 motors are catered for here.   A typical rebuild will require a re-bore, a crank grind and head corrosion  repair…Obviously all other parts such as timing chains, oil pump, tensioner, gaskets, bearings etc are all renewed..(new pistons with a re-bore are ALL sourced from either the UK or Germany because I WILL NOT use local stuff)   We are pretty lucky here in that if its been re-bored too much in most cases new liners / sleeves can be sourced and fitted bringing it back to standard size for another 50 plus years of use…  $9000 is the figure butplease be informed this does include now the new BRILLIANT Neoprene rear main seal conversion

This only goes up  if we need to source standard liners and there fitting, a head because yours is too soft or corroded to repair, a timing case or high comp pistons are requested. We do allow for some corrosion repair in these figures but not the lot !    AND if you choose any other options such as balancing, large valve head conversion or alloy polishing, please inquire.

*all later E type,420g and XJ6 4.2 (long head stud) engines.      We are finding 9 out of 10 of these engines suffer from a problem the factory gave us…Very little metal left between the combustion chambers leaving a weak area that is susceptible to cracks, this means that as standard practice ALL XJ long stud 4.2’s get stepped liners fitted.   This machines the crack completely from the block and leaves us with a large flange on the top where the head gasket “gas ring” gets crushed between a fresh flat head surface and a freshly decked / machined block face.  A genuine gasket is all we use ridding us and you of any head head gasket drama’s down the track..The rest is as above….$9000 You have the option here for the std 8:1 comp ratio or the later 8.75:1 ratio at no extra cost (this does depend on availibility at the time).  The supplying and fitting, boring, honing and decking of the block is INCLUDED in these 4.2’s…please see This only goes up above

*all  V12 engines (up to 83 HE)……  These are getting some age on them now and the biggest problem lies with the removal of the heads for they become seized in place due to electrolysis between the steel head studs and the alloy heads.  Only one has beaten me and had to be scrapped.  The other concern is after the heads are off and upside down that is the only time we can test for “hardness”  About  80% are fine to re-use.     The quality of the pistons and liners / sleeves that are used are often still within spec allowing us to simply hone out and re-ring most of these engines…..$11000 and only goes up if heads, liners or pistons are required.

*all V12 “HE” engines……Pretty much the same as PRE HE engines but due to the age and mileage difference means its a little easier and the head failure % is better…….$11000 if we don’t need heads, liners or pistons.

*V8 250 Daimler motors …….You would be surprised at what is still available for these, we can source quality pistons, bearings, timing chain, tensioner, valves, guides and even the gasket set is GENUINE.   We have even found replacement cylinder liners so if its been bored and bored again we can turn it back to Standard no worries.    The biggest drama is badly corroded waterways in the cylinder heads, in most cases we can repair them and get another turn of service but in other cases the heads become paper weights and scrapped so others have to be sourced and THAT’S the hard part so if you have one that’s sitting around doing nothing you must do something because that’s the worst thing for them, just sitting around…Even if we do the heads now and the engine later, we must save the heads a.s.a.p…….$8000 Only goes up if we need heads or sleeves do need to be sourced and fitted.

We do assume you are aware that my engines are all assembled bare“short” or  bare“Long” motors meaning we don’t deal with manifolds, carburetors, distributors or water pumps….We are happy to help you in these area’s but the extra time and parts must be paid for.   All the above figures do INCLUDE the dreaded GST.

Thank you for taking the time to study this page and Website and we do look forward to your contact.

Peninsula Jag