Freight Service


          Because we are encouraging the client to get their engine (or car) to us for the rebuild we have gone to great lengths to obtain terrific ‘freight rates’ for either the engine mounted to a pallet or alternately the whole car  shipped from door to door.     You would be surprised at the minimal amount  in both cases for the engine (or car) to be with me for works to be carried out…. Please see the ‘links’ page for the transport company’s concerned and offer your postcode to me and I will organize the quotation to the dollar for the door to door service.

     Once you are happy with things we will instruct you to mount an engine (empty of oil)  to a modified pallet (one that takes up the minimum floor space in a truck) we will send you a filled out consignment notice and you can call the national PICK-UP phone number (131150) when YOUR ready !

Your freight will not be charged to you until the end of the project OR you choose not to proceed with works.

Peninsula Jag