Hi Murray,

Just want to thank you for the work done on the Jag engine, WOW !  The attention to detail that you have done is fantastic. Completely satisfied with the result. Very impressed with your restoration of the carburetors too, they are a show piece. Thanks again and look forward to hearing it run. Cheers,
Tim Robertson, 3.8 E type, May 2019. 

I would like to write a recommendation for Murray and his team at Peninsula Jag.
My XJ-C needed an engine rebuild and this was handled seamlessly and with a few mods to ensure long trouble free life.
I have been infected with Jaguar’s from an early age and the engine Murray has put together would be the smoothest XK I have ever driven behind.
I am very happy to have taken the option to balance the engine while it was being re-built.
Confidence in Murry’s workmanship was justified when he delivered the car to me at Gold Coast airport. I then drove to Canberra, with a grin from ear to ear.

Thank you Murray, the engine is magnificent.

David Whitehouse Sept/Oct 2018

I bought my manual Mark 2 in 1983 and drove it for a few years when it developed “head issues” .  Someone put me on to a mechanic who dealt with such things,  for repair.  When I reinstalled the motor , it ran, though very noisy in the valve gear. Naturally I was very disappointed with the job and was mechanic shy from then on. This , and a very busy business, led me to neglect that car for many years.

I bought my manual Mark 2 in 1983 and drove it for a few years when it developed “head issues” .  Someone put me on to a mechanic who dealt with such things,  for repair.  When I reinstalled the motor , it ran, though very noisy in the valve gear. Naturally I was very disappointed with the job and was mechanic shy from then on. This , and a very busy business, led me to neglect that car for many years.

Circumstances and mental attitude changed, and it was time to put the Jaguar back on the road and put some miles on the clock.  Whilst the body was quite good, the mechanicals were all untested , due to the years in storage. Start at the front and work through to the back was the plan. My first huge issue, was to find someone I could trust to do the engine. A phone call to our club president supplied me with the name, Peninsula Jaguar.  He told me that this bloke who had spent most of his life on Jaguar motors down south ,  and had finally seen the light, and moved to Queensland. 

A phone call later  it was off to Kooralbyn to talk to this fellow to determine if he was my man.  In short, had a great talk to Murray and tour of the workshop.   He certainly had been there and done that in all the areas we discussed . Many second hand heads , and other hardware were in stock, some of which I was quite sure the job would be needing. Shook a large hand, and shipped my engine to Kooralbyn.

The other thing I look for is communication.  Plenty of that.  A few days later I received a detailed quote for repair with explanatory notes , recommendations and alternatives.  It was in a lot sadder state than I hoped however Murray worked through all the issues to retain the block for originality, found s/h head ,stripped and cleaned all parts before reassembly.  I made the trip to the workshop at this point, to see the engine in this state, and plan the way forward from here.  Decided on the neoprene rear main seal, electronic distributor, reduction starter and rebuild generator ect.  

Shortly after the engine was back together painted and ready for shipment.  As well as the dreaded invoice for work done,  he provided four pages of helpful notes, on looking after the engine, and how his warranty works.

I have found many doors , as i moved through the gearbox , electric overdrive ,fuel pump, upholstery and  diff, and met some great specialists , talented guys. They are hard to find but still there. One thing I can say, is that my first door, Murray  is one of them .

Hal Palmer


0403 537 042

I was referred to “Peninsula Jag Engine Centre” by members of the JE Type Register from the Jaguar club of Queensland
I own a TR4 with a modified engine that had failed due to a previous “dirty” build which had resulted in oil starvation.  I desperately needed to find someone with the skills, attention to detail and enthusiasm to re-build it for me as it was not a standard build and I could not afford to have anything less than a perfect outcome due to the time & cost of the previous failure
Murray was the perfect person – although TR4 motors were not his specialty he was well versed in wet liner engines and over a period of a couple of months he produced a fabulous motor for me
That was January 2016 – the car has now done some 8000 trouble free kms, many of it at high revs and its upgraded 2.4Litre capacity produces around 50% extra bhp over the standard 2.1Litre motor.
Murray is reliable, skilful & a pleasure to deal with
I would recommend him to anyone
He will be re-building my TR6 motor when it finally comes due for an upgrade
Graeme Spender

I am lucky to own a lovely eType 1966 Open Top Sports,  the vehicle is 52 years old so the time had come for a restoration, big decision but here we go! A part of the project I needed to look after a few large items using professionals,  the usual suspects being the body and the engine,  I turned to Murray at Peninsula Jag to look after my engine I am now around 75% through the project, it is a full nut and bolt restoration which is quite a haul once you get into it. Murray lived up to his promise,  he rebuilt and balanced the engine and this has been returned as an as-new unit to me for installation in the car.  We have the engine waiting to be received by the as-new body which will happen in a couple of months. I have not started the engine yet so will report with another testimonial including detailed pictures as soon as I complete the restoration.  I include a photo below of my lovely XK engine as received from Murray original down to the colour of the oil filter.  He completed this work on time and on budget and the workmanship is excellent.   Thank you Murray – will update as we turn the wheels!

Warm Regards John McGagh     August 2018 john@mcgagh.com Mobile.  +61 408 983 761  

“It started out as a straight-forward refurbishment of the cylinder head for my 1965 Jaguar 3.8S.  The head was shipped down to Murray, who provided a strip-down and rebuild price.  But then the real fun began. I had always wanted to have the “old girl” converted from the sluggish Borg Warner auto to a manual.  And as luck would have it, a genuine 1960’s Jaguar 4 speed with overdrive appeared for sale on the internet – so I had a good conversation with Murray, who was keen to do the conversion for me.  So the gearbox was purchased, the headless car was trailered to Peninsula Jaguar, and we agreed that the scope should now be a full engine rebuild – top and bottom, as well as the manual conversion.

What can I say??? The car has been transformed! The engine pulls like crazy at any speed, in any gear.  A few little problems with the second-hand gearbox were remedied by Murray without question, and her maiden voyage home of 600kms was uneventful.

Murray knows his Jaguar engines – he runs a well organized workshop, with industry contacts to find those hard-to-find parts.  My other Jag will need an engine rebuild sometime in the future.  I know where it will be going.”

Steve Williams  Feb 2017

I own a couple of older jags Mark7, XJ6,XJS and 65 S Type.     I am an aircraft engineer and like my engines as good as new even though they are not every day drivers.      After searching the web and ringing people I settled on Murray from Peninsula Jag engine centre.    I pulled my 4.2 XK out of the XJ6 and sent it to Murray for full overhaul including liners rear seal and any other advantages modifications.    After re-installation I still had electrical (not engine related) starting issues.    After expiring all local knowledge I bit the bullet and towed it to Peninsula Jag from Katherine NT (7000 Km round trip).    Not only did Murray fix the issues he picked up other problems I was not aware of.     Having someone who knows how a jag should, feel, drive and sounds is an amazing comfort.    Murray’s  generosity  with his time over the phone trouble shooting my incompetence is far and above the call of duty.     You are not treated as customer at Peninsula Jag but rather a part of the team.     You deal with the owner, maintained by the owner and billed by the owner.    Murray Loves the jags but cares about you.     Please contact me should you wish to discuss my experiences with Murray.

My car now does what it should every time.

Sept 2017

Ben Bowden

Chief Engineer

Wally’s Strip

Katherine NT 0850  – Mobile:  0427 682 211

A job well done !

I found Peninsula Jag after searching for an engine builder through Jaguar contacts that I know. I was referred to Murray of Peninsula Jag by a local Jaguar mechanic.

This was not my first Jaguar engine rebuild and I was looking for something extra this time, the engine I wanted needed to be a bit cheeky as I am an ex mechanic and rev head and wanted the extra performance.

I also wanted the job done properly as I am a bit of a perfectionist. 

When I found out that Murray actually races his own cars, I was eager to catch up with him and talk about the build. 

From our discussion I felt confident that he had the knowledge and the experience to do the job, and fully understood what I wanted and what would be required to achieve this. He also provided a detailed estimate of the cost, so that there would be no surprises and the work was started. 

12 months on, the car has been run-in,  re tuned and puts out an impressive performance at the rear wheels. The result is amazing, it has changed the way the car drives, it’s terrific.

I’m really pleased with the rebuild, and would be more than happy to refer a friend to Murray as I have every confidence in his skills and will be back to discuss another project soon.

I have owned Jaguars for over 30 years and have now, finally stopped the oil leak!!    

Thanks Murray for a job well done!

Glyn Jones: Jaguar Drivers Club Qld –  Gold Coast member  XJ6 Series 3 . 4.2


Aug 2015

Hi Murray

The engines goes fine now . I didn’t think I would find a straight port 3.8 head for my “E” type or at the least it would be difficult .
After purchasing the head from you and having it overhauled all is now good. Thanks for your expertise and assistance and the fine job of overhauling the head..

Regards Steve Walsh
Sept 2017

Jaguar 1964 Mark II, 2.4lit engine with automatic gear box, rebuilt by Murray Scoble at Peninsula Jag Engine Centre.

Firstly I like to say that I’m very impressed with the full process of how this engine and gearbox overhaul got done.

Murray gave me a swift response without fuss upon my initial inquiry.     Took the engine apart and gave me a complete rundown on the condition of parts and sound professional advice on how to go about the rebuild, cost and time. Provided photos of the rebuild and frequent updates as the work progressed.

The end result speaks for itself, engine looks fantastic and shines of quality workmanship. I’m also very pleased with the follow up emails and phone calls which shows, to me, that he really cares about his customers and his workmanship. A true specialist.

I shall have no hesitation in recommending his services to anybody.

Thanks a bunch

Gunnar Sjoberg


Feb 2015

Service beyond my expectation, Murray and his team did an excellent job.   Murray kept me fully informed throughout the whole engine rebuild and provided excellent advice before, during and after.  I would be happy to recommend the team at Pen Jag to anyone considering an Jag engine rebuild.

Wayne Friend   1961 E type

Jan 2016

In December 2013 I bought a Series 1 XJ6 after lusting after one for 40 odd years, at the age of 45 I decided it was time to drive what I want, not what I should. So I jumped in the deep end and bought one with no advice (as you do).

 Two years of happy motoring including track days, apart from a rear end fire which led to a full IRS and front end rebuild things were going great until a head gasket failure. At this point I had read many things about Murray Scoble and Peninsula Jag Engine Centre from forum posts and had viewed the Peninsula Jag web page many times thinking this is the guy I would go if I need major help.

When we decided the head need rebuilding I said to my best mate and mechanical advisor since about 1985 “if we need to go deeper than the head we will engage the services of Murray Scoble”.

So after a $1100 head rebuild we were torquing down the head when the “oops” moment of a broken stud happened, at that point at 7pm on a Saturday night we had decided within 30 minutes that the 4.2 short motor Murray had on the shelf for a great price was the way to go. By 11 am Sunday the deal was done for the motor.

We picked it up Wednesday afternoon and had it running 5pm Thursday, all was sweet. We did the initial run in then took it out for two track days at Lakeside. Only 5 seconds slower than a 2003 XJR, not bad in any body’s book of standards.

I had a small warranty issue arise and Murray and Phil moved mountains to have it sorted while I was away on holiday. Emails and ph calls from Canada to Kooralbyn were no problem. Murray & Phil had it sorted for me when I got home, including fixing 2 separate problems I was having that were not involved with the engine replacement.

Nearly 12 months later this engine is still on song and nearing its next track day.

Thank you Murray and the team at Peninsula Jag for the great product, excellent back up and warranty service and the many phone calls after that with general questions. Murray always has time to make sure the customer is happy.

Cheers  Muz.

Clarke Bryant. (o1xjr, regional coordinator for Jaguarforums.com)



March 2016

Murray Scoble, The Man, The Legend.

    As a qualified mechanic that has been working in the automotive trade for 30 years I was faced with a major engine failure a a 1973 XJ6 belonging to a great friend (Clarke Bryant, see above).  We removed the cylinder head and sent it away for repairs not realizing the bottom end was in major state of disrepair.  1 phone call to Murray had us being the owner of a fully refurbished XJ6 bottom end. 2 days later it was sitting on my workshop floor and being assembled for re fitment into the car. A few phone calls later and some hard labour saw the jag fire back into life.  No question was too hard for Murray and he was more than accommodating to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise and for this I thank him.   These Jags have some nasty little tricks that can only be taught by a “Specialist”.  Once again Murray, I thank you for all the assistance and professionalism to help us get “Fireball” back on the road.   We will definitely be back should we ever need anything else to keep the old girl on the road.  Once again thank you Murray and the team at Peninsula Jag Engine Centre.  A great business and a top bloke too !

Phil Richardson (Clarke’s Mechanic)

March 2016

Hi Murray.
Just a short testimonial about my recent dealings with PenJag.   I had a 4.2 ‘E’ type engine rebuilt.   I could not be happier with the quality of workmanship and overall service.
I would recommend Murray to any jag owner.
Regards Steve Hopkins.
( Hopkins Restoration Works. )
Sept 2016 Murray, I’d just like to record my appreciation for your services relating to the rebuild of my 1972 Jag E-Type V12. It was a pleasure dealing with Peninsula Jag right from the outset. The great advantage you have in this type of work is your experience. It’s immediately obvious that you have ‘been there, done that’ when it comes to these engines, which is very reassuring for the owner.

When this experience is combined with your passion, on-time delivery, and a sensible pricing policy, you have a compelling value proposition.
I look forward to driving the car down to Kooralbyn when the restoration is complete, and sharing the pleasure of the finished article.
Best Regards, Jerry
Nov 2016

Dear Murray
My testimonial

I am still in the process of reassembling my car a XJC convertible which was fitted with a V8 motor which is now been replaced from a donor xj6 with a 4.2L series 2 motor and gear box. I had originally very foolishly sent the motor to a local reconditioner ( you know the friend of a friend who knows a great guy just down the road) who after 4 weeks had not even started working on my motor and couldn’t even give me a start date ( he quoted 3 weeks). Although Murray had been so ever helpful prior he remained professional through out my sending it to the local guy and was willing to help to take on the job and had my motor sorted and done with in a few weeks of sending it to him. He was also able to supply a s3 head when mine turned out to be borderline as I wanted the larger valves with better flow and S3 pistons as well as a stakedown kit fitted. He was also able replace a rocker cover discovered with cracks in it at final reassembly all services that would have delayed the whole thing if not with a Jaguar specialist. His knowledge and help has been more than excellent the presentation of the motor is beautiful but I recommend spending a little more and getting new nuts and bolts if possible as the originals look terrible against his good work and now I am removing and polishing them where I can without upsetting any tensions. He had also given recomendations for the distributor reconditioning and other parts which turned out to be badly needed this was ever so helpful and over and above what he was paid for, please take my advice get your work done by Murray.

Peninsula Jag put together a very special XK 4.2 race motor for me.   Murray’s knowledge and passion were key attributes to this now being a great engine!   It’s never easy extracting maximum horses out of a fifty year old design while still retaining reliability.    The best accolade for a motor like this in when it is under track pressure.     An experienced race driver who had driven the car both before and after on track conditions had this to say. “Bloody Hell! Different Car!!”    Any issues we have had (and you expect some with a high performance motor) Murray addressed them immediately.

Well done Murray! Congratulations
Phil Smart.       LOW DRAG  E Type..
Oct 2015

Received this great reference on the 3rd of March 2016.

I am very happy with the exchange reconditioned motor for my 4.2lt 1980 XJ6  by Murray and Peninsula Jag.     When I picked up the engine I found Murray to be professional, very knowledgeable and has a real passion with Jaguars.     I found that my new motor was exactly as promised to a very high standard. It was a real pleasure to deal with Murray and Peninsula Jag.  I would have no problem recommending Murray and Peninsula Jag to anyone.

Very best regards

John Large  Gracemere   Queensland

March 2014

I am the proud owner of a 1960 Daimler SP250

Recently I had Murray Scoble rebuild the block of the motor ( the heads were in great shape and freshened up )

I have worked with and used many mechanics over the years

I found Murray to be very professional and his knowledge unsurpassed

His workmanship and customer relations are extremely good

I would without hesitation recommend Murray to anyone looking to have their engine rebuilt or any other work to their Jaguar or Daimler

Peter Greenwell  Kooralbyn

March 2015 Hi Murray, For a testimonial I could say:   “Murray completely rebuilt the 4.2 engine from my Series 1 E type in November 2015.  When it comes to Jag engines, Murray is very knowledgeable, has a passion to do a good job and is easy to deal with. The cost was very competitive and I have been impressed with the final job. I would be happy to recommend Murray to potential customers.”   All the best,

John Lewis Armidale N.S.W
Dec 2015

Greg Sylvester
77 XJC Convertible June 2013

‘Grace’ is my very original 1954 Mk VII Jaguar Saloon – a car from the era when Jaguar marketed their cars with the tag line….Grace, Pace and Space.
While the years have failed to impact on Grace and Space, sadly nearly sixty years of motoring has led to a loss of Pace – a failing motor with blue smoke, odd noises and oil leaks.
In looking for someone to rebuild the motor, I went hunting for someone experienced with the XK engine, who would take pride in their workmanship and be prepared to back up their work.
In finding Murray Scoble, a recent refugee from Victoria, I found all that I was looking for. Murray was happy for me to be part of the process – I removed and refitted the motor. He provided a comprehensive quote, and was quick to come back to me on the inevitable glitch – an inlet manifold that did not want to leave the head. He was happy to work with me to achieve a matching numbers original motor result.
Now a number of months after the motor has been reunited, ‘Grace’ is purring like the cat she was when she rolled off the assembly line many years ago, demonstrating all the qualities of Grace, Pace and Space.

Geoff Rowe
Samford, Queensland
August 2013

“Murray took on my 1969 4.2 L Daimler Sovereign(Jag 420 basically) and delivered back a wonderful job. It had a few challenges after sitting in a barn for 21 years, complicated by it being a late build of that model and actually having an XJ6 Series 1 engine fitted during production albeit with a Daimler engine number so420 parts would not fit in some cases . Murray was able to sort all the issues and produce an engine that runs like a clock. Murray also fitted a 123 electronic distributor which improves performance well above a standard 4.2, and modern traffic is nearly able to keep up with it. To say that I am pleased with not only the work, but also the service ethos that went with it, would be an understatement. I have had to have several Jag engines rebuilt over the years in three states, and this is by far the best I have ever had built anywhere in the country, and nothing was too much trouble for Murray. The process started with a fair and detailed quote, and Murray personally picked the car up and kept me up to date regularly with build photos as things came together. Any query’s or issues were dealt with promptly and positively. I will be taking my MK II to Murray within the next 6 months for the same treatment.”

L M Pears
Sept 2012

I purchased my 1967 Jaguar 420G sight-unseen from Sydney. Flew up from Melbourne and drove it back to country Victoria on the same day. It had its’ good sides and bad ones, as to be expected. The head gasket blew somewhere around Yass, I filled it up with a commercial ‘stop-leak’ gunk and to its’ credit, it kept the engine purring along for another 6 months without issue – including a 4 hour drive to Melbourne on a 38 degree summer day.
Eventually the time came to rebuild her from the ground up. The body work required was pretty extensive, and only got worse the further in we dug. I came across Murray’s website via my good friend Google and the decision to pack up the engine and send it off to QLD was a pretty easy one to make. I felt confident knowing Murray has such an intimate knowledge of these engines, as local businesses were either wary of taking on an old, foreign engine or simply going to charge me through the nose for it. Murray was fantastic and guided me through the processes step by step. Fantastic for me as whilst I am a big fan of the old cats, I’m not a rev-head by any stretch of the imagination and have very little idea when it comes to anything mechanical.
Murray was polite, professional and detailed throughout, even as during the build I changed jobs and houses suddenly and by force, making money very tight. I could not be more impressed with Murray’s work throughout, including a nice warranty and after-care second-to-none. Thanks muchly for everything Murray. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

-Aelfrik Spektor.
Bright Victoria
January 2013

Hello Murray

Thank you very much for the attention you have given to the engine of my Series 2 XJC. I purchased the car in 1992 and was the third owner of the Australian delivered Jaguar.

Over the years I have put some effort and indeed money into the body and the interior but I always new that the time would come when I would eventually need to spend some money on the engine.

Unfortunately things came to head when the engine gave up the ghost at Burpengary (Q) late one afternoon and I struggled into a service station amid clouds of smoke much to the amazement of the peak hour travelers stopping for fuel or coffee on their way home from work. It was obvious that the XJ^ 4.2L engine needed some serious work.

I was aware of Murray having exhibited at the Macleans Bridge Classic at Lakeside in 2011. At that event I was adjacent to the replica XJ13 owned by Digby Cooke and learned that his engine had been rebuilt by Murray Scoble of Peninsula Jag. I had read the information on the website at www.peninsulajag.com.au and was impressed by the testimonials so when the inevitable happened I turned to Murray.

From the very first conversation it was evident that not only was this man on his game he was meticulous in his attention to detail and his comprehensive manner of quoting. Murray sent me a detailed written quote to remove, rebuild and refit the engine and warned me of the potential problems and associated costs e could face.

In the end I received my XJC back purring like a kitten and with a substantial warranty.

Thank you Murray. I look forward to some years of happy motoring knowing now that when I leave home I will be able to get back without an RACQ tow truck.


Dennis Donovan

I have an early series two XJ6 and have spent a heap of money on it, the only area I hadn’t was the engine and it was time. The job went to Murray Scoble (Peninsula Jag) and I couldn’t be happier. This has certainly made all the difference, I can get in it and go anywhere with absolute confidence and I’m sure this car will see me out.

Alby Rose,

Somerville Vic

I wanted a fast 4.2 motor, hearing of Murray’s racing successes we spoke in detail about what he can do for me (a road registered series two) Once done , fitted and tuned I ran it in as requested and was not all that impressed. I made a call to Murray and he quizzed me what I was doing with it and I said just driving it. He said push it, go for it, take it to a race track and then tell me it doesn’t go hard. I’m afraid I had to call him back after that to tell him sorry. This is one quick LWB Auto Series two.

Thanks Murray

I haven’t got a Jag but Murray is the man when it comes to English engines, my Jensen Healy, my V8 triumph stag and my lotus élan are all going strong thanks to Murray Scoble and Peninsula Jag.

Don McDonald

Mornington Vic

In 2003 I had to choose between a few jaguar people to entrust the reconditioning / overhauling of my 4.2 Series three motor too. After talking to many and careful consideration I decided on employing the services of Murray Scoble and staff of

Peninsula Jag P/L, his reputation I leant is wide spread so he got the job and I haven’t looked back since. The engine came back perfectly clean, painted and detailed with an itemized invoice that told me in detail what I had got for my money. To this day I still have not had problem, no noises, no oil usage or leaks and I am very impressed. I couldn’t speak more highly of him as a mechanic and as a businessman.

Fazel Cader,

Current President JCCV (Jaguar car club of Victoria)

I’ve got a late series 3 XJ6 and it needed a new heartbeat. Being involved in motor sport and a mechanic myself I have heard of Murrays reputation. I had no hesitation but to give the job to Peninsula jag (Murray Scoble). I’m thinking about racing it myself, cheers Murray and good luck.

Geoff Kelly

June 06

Ive had a few jags and Murray has looked after them all including my 89 S3 V12 most recently when I had a head gasket problem, Murray fixed it with minimum fuss and at a very reasonable rate. He will be missed in Victoria

Michael Westrup Vic

I had a low mileage 84 series three and unfortunately the motor needed doing, Murray and the team saw to it and it was fantastic. It was only then I could park it over other people’s driveways without the embarrassing oil leak dramas and was happy to take it anywhere or anytime for it was my daily user. It was terrible when it was involved in an accident writing the car off but I’ll bet the motor is now in someone else’s car by now and is still going beautifully.

Robert Naylor

Mt Eliza

I finally purchased another jag after many years without one and was lucky enough to find Murray around the same time, that was a god send. I sure do hope my dramas are small now he has moved his family and business to sth east Queensland. Good luck Murray

Ron Roadnight,

Somerville Vic

Oil Leaks, I had them, I gave it to Murray and now their gone, what more can ya say.

Warrick Wrangles,

Dromana Vic

Hello all

Just a short note to praise the skill and devotion of Mr Murray Scoble to the Jaguar engine.  I have been a lover of English engineering since l was a small boy,…firstly starting off riding  BSA’s Royal Enfield’s Nortons etc.

As time progressed that grew into motor cars,..Austins Jaguar etc. By far the best was the jaguar.

I  started with a 73 series one. I drove that for just on ten years, without a problem.

I then settled on the body lines of a 68 MK2, after doing a bit of work on the body, l decided to have the engine rebuild with the thought of fitting a supercharger.

I shopped around and asked questions, only to find Mr Murray Scoble of Peninsula Jag to be the guy that seemed to care about what l wanted.

Next step was to ship the engine and wait, it wasn’t long before Murray rang and we spoke at length as to my options.  Within a few short weeks l had a brand new rebuilt  balanced engine sitting in my garage. I’m now at the stage of bolting on all the go fast bits, including  Jaguar M90 supercharger along with a Holley 650 double pumper.

I couldn’t be happier with all the help and advice Murray gave me through the operation.

He was always only a phone call away.

Rod Wilson Lilydale Victoria

Nov/Dec 2013

HI  Murray

I just wanted to say thank you for assisting me in bringing my series 2 E type Jaguar back to what it should sound and run like !  Certainly that reconditioned head made my  E TYPE  PURRRR…  and run COOL.   Murray I would most certainly recommend you to all jaguar owners, we all know these cars need the Master to lend a hand.

 Thank you

 Peter Foskett

 Smithfield NSW

July 2014

To: Peninsula Jag.

         Hi Murray. I want to let you know that since you did the Motor rebuild on My 1984 Vanden Plas 4.2ltr Jaguar its running like I just drove it out of the New car showroom, ever since I purchased the car back in 2000 it has always given me problems to start it when its cold now since you fixed that it starts first turn of the key, even My wife likes the car now. Thanks again Murray you did a super job and I am sure glad I found your web site when I was looking for someone that could fix a Jag. All the best. Ray Dobson.

See Attached Photo. My Daughter wanted to use it as her Recent wedding car
Aug 2013
G’day Murray         Just doing a bit of a follow up on the 4.2 jaguar engine that you reconditioned for me, since we last spoke l have installed the engine and all the other nonstandard go better (?) parts such as the eaton m90 supercharger, that required quite a few new pulleys etc, all made to my spec.   One of the other things, l bit at your suggestion was to have the distributor lengthened and rebuilt at quite a reasonable price.      When it become time to start the engine l wanted to have the oil pumped through the system, so l used a air pressure system to do this, at start-up time all systems fell into place. the engine cranked into life at a nice quite purr,,,,,,, oil pressure at idle read 50 psi all was well, l still have a little tuning to do but l’m very pleased with all the over the phone and email help you gave me at all hours.           l have posted a few photos on http://www.jag-lovers.org/  under photo album if any one is interested. cheers all
Rod Wilson Victoria
Nov 2013 Hi        My wife and I are pretty mechanically illiterate but we love Jags.   We purchased a 1985 XJ6 in 2011 and got much enjoyment out of it until the head and bottom end died after a year. After exploring a lot of options for getting it back on the road, we decided to go with Murray to get a recon donor 4.2 made up.     I’ve now had it fitted and back on the road for about a month and am looking forward to taking it on a decent road trip in the Xmas holidays. So far though, I am chuffed with how well it’s running and my mechanic that fitted it was very impressed too !!            Murray is a pleasure to deal with and his passion for Jags and huge knowledge about them gives you great peace of mind.    The supporting material he sent through (the Bible) was terrific and very helpful to my mechanic.    Well done Murray and team, we wish you every success. Bruce Chalk Perth WA
Dec 16 2013   Hello Murray and Amanda,
I would like to thank you for rebuilding my 3.8 litre XK150S engine.
Your company advised and listened to my requirements, resulting in an excellent product.
Overall costs are fair and reasonable.
At this time nearly 12 months on, I have traveled the engine to Targa Tasmania, west to South Australia retuning to Brisbane.
The engine at this time runs well and I am sure will give years of service
Regards and best wishes,
John Webster
Nov 2014

Hi Murray,

        Just a quick update for your website, I am very happy with the engine you have built for me and I am straining at the bit to install it in the car and finally start it but as you know, with most car rebuilds, the further you get into it , the more problems you uncover and this is the case for my project. When the body was removed for re-alignment, some chassis problems were discovered ( surprise surprise ) and now these have to be attended to along with all the other “little” things that relate to a build. So at the moment I look at my beautiful engine sitting in the garage and go through the many photos you took of the build and reflect that your building of this engine was the easiest and so far the most pleasant part of this whole process to date.

I will keep you informed as to further progress and hope to be able to install her “heart” soon and start her up.

Kind Regards
Steve Kenny
March 2015

Dear Murray and team

     Normally I am a man of few words but I cannot help myself in this case, this bloody balanced, high comp, series three headed, tyre shreading 4.2 you have built for me is ‘unbelievable’………I am flabbergasted at what it can do, its downright scary……..AND I LOVE IT !       You my friend ‘”are the man”‘ when it comes to these things, that’s for sure.     This roadcar might become a Race Car yet !!     I know you have asked me to make a few notes for you so this is it, Your a bloody champion, Great work

Peter Dunn
Perth W.A
June 2015

 Hi Muz

     Its funny you should ask for this because I have a funny Tale to tell, Only last week I was at the supermarket minding my own business when a weird thing happened, I was just backing out of my car park and almost straight to take off forward when there was a “thump” on the back of the car, horrified I put it in park, jumped out and around the back to find a lady and her shopping trolley !  She was in great distress and very embarrassed at what had just happened, Of course so was I but she went on to say it was not my fault, please sir ! Its just that your car is SO Quiet I couldn’t hear it…..  (no, she didn’t have a earphones in or kids distracting her)     This is NOT the first time someone has mentioned this, my car club friends have brought this up a couple of times.   Its just Beautiful Muz, Thank you again and I should of done this months ago.

Robert Perkins
Aug 2015

Hello Murray

I thought I would just send you this email as its been well over a year since I contacted you.

I can say this genuinely that without your  assistance my jaguar would not be running like it should be since purchasing a reconditioned   4.2 litre head for my e type I would still be in limbo,   no other person helped me and most did not know anything about e types !!!

My e type starts and runs and sounds like a jaguar, i would definitely recommend your services to anyone who has a jaguar once again Murray thanks.


Peter Fosket

JULY 2014

Hi Murray hope you are all well down there. Received your email re testimonials Murray was invaluable in recreating my 3rd Variety Bash car which helps raise funds for sick disabled and disadvantaged children in Qld.
We used my own 5 speed jag gearbox mated to a reconditioned 4.2 into my series 3, We also swapped the back and the front ends from my series 2 bash car and also Murray put on the bull bar. I was very impressed with his service, the way the car goes and his general willingness to go the extra mile and do other things rather than just the engine. He just needs to move closer to the Sunshine Coast!!   HaHa  🙂 😉

Colin Tedman  JAG 007
January 2015 Hi Murray,
I am happy to oblige and say my recent rebuild of my 4.2 e type engine by your company was stress free and you delivered exactly as promised to a very good standard, unlike some friends of mine who chose less experienced, probably cheaper companies and were disappointed by the outcome. I have now completed 3000k with no problems so well done to you and your staff. Oil pressure is great. Very best regards
Roger Turner Perth WA
Built Sept 2014

G,Day Murray
Just a little surprised by your email any request you have sent did not reach here,however i have no problem endorsing your workmanship or ethics.   The rebuild done on my xj6 Jaguar  engine was satisfactory in every way.      I would not hesitate to use or recommend  your service’s again for any Jaguar product. cheers
.H. Winkel.  Victoria
Built  Sept 2014

Hi Murray

“I have now had two Daimler 2.5L V8 motors completely rebuilt by Murray at Peninsula Jag Engine Centre.      Murray has always been polite and courteous in all my dealings with him, and the motors were ready when he said they would be AND at the price he said they would be.      Both motors are now in their respective cars and are running beautifully.  I highly recommend Peninsula Jag Engine Centre.”
Ian Hassler, Forestdale Qld.
Built Sept 13 and Oct 14

After my much loved 1962 MKII Jaguar blew her engine I didn’t know where to turn.         For a year she sat in our garage with a big question mark over her head.       Eventually a friend put me onto Murray at Peninsula Jag.     Murray did a thoroughly professional job and the work was completed in a very efficient time frame.     Murray also kept me in the loop with what was going on.     When we arrived to pick her up I discovered Murray a fountain of information, the car immaculate and running better than she had ever done previously. It was a pleasure dealing with Murray and Peninsula Jag and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone with a Jaguar.

Kind regards
Elaine Harris
Built May 2014

Hi Murray – just got my Mk2 roadworthy and registered on club plates.

Engine is running very sweetly – thanks.

I hope you can use my comments below;

Dealing with Peninsula Jag and Murray was a breeze.
In our initial phone conversations Murray gave me the options I had with my 3.4 litre Mk 2 engine.
Freighting it to Queensland and back was as easy as could be.
Once Murray had checked out the motor he was straight back to me with his thoughts, options and pricing. We agreed on a plan, keeping the engine as close to original as possible with new 8:1 pistons, head rebuilt with new valves, timing chain etc.
Murray also dealt with the fitting of a new clutch and pressure plate.
Throughout the rebuild Murray kept me up to date with photos and descriptions of what he was doing which was great to see.
The whole process only took a couple of weeks longer than Murray first anticipated and the engine was returned, nicely painted with a DVD of the rebuild.
Seriously I couldn’t ask for more and gladly recommend Peninsula Jag for your precise Jaguar engine rebuild.
Well done Murray- the engine purrs like a CAT!!!

Linton Mackenzie

Built Sept 2014

Peninsula Jag